Friday, August 5, 2011

Food And Life

Food & Life

My dear fellow foodies, 

when I painstakingly search for a good food joint for yummy mouth watering flavoured food , often I have seen people preaching 'We should eat to live not live for eating'. Perhaps they want to establish themselves as not foodies. But trust me, once we are inside the food joint, they are the first ones to take the plunge by jumping on to the bandwagon, myself could not help but smile at their love to good food.

Indulging in good food has been our passion since ages, hence  I thought to start a blog especially on this thus you are reading this now!

I have been writing about the food joints in my tamil blog under the column 'Kothu parotta'. It has been well received and has gotit's own fan base. Most of the people from foreign countries come along with the printout of the columns and call me for the route for the joints I had wriiten about in Kothu Parotta. I felt very happy for helping them to their lunch or dinner. As far as I feel, helping their way to a hearty meal, a good and tasty food, is divine.

Now this time let’s go a new food joint Called “Dosa Calling”

Dosa calling is located in Chennai adayar. From Gandhi mandapam  we have to take right towards the indira nagar in that road there is a Lawrance and Mayo shop.  In that basement  only this Dosa calling is placed.  Because of the Very Small entrance visibility is very less. Once I found the entrance I can see a well interiored air-conditioned food joint with good environment.

They have a list of dosa’s in different varieties. I ordered for Mysore chilli dosa, and Tamilnadu’s famous Set dosa. They serve the Mysore chilli dosa in a very titillating manner. Inside the dosa they spread the Mysore chilli paste with mixed tamarind that gives a unique sour taste. Finely roasted dosa is simply scintillating. They serve dosa with two variant chutni’s and sambar. The sambar, chatni combination is so good for Mysore chilli dosa. Next item which I ordered is set dosa. They serve the set dosa like oothappam. Normally it won’t be like that. All the set dosa which I’ve had so far were yellowish in color. But here the it is a different experience. Set dosa is normal. I used to take my set dosa’s with good kurma or vadakari. But here they serve with same chutni and sambar. Hence, to tell the truth, I didn’t like it.

Apart from dosa’s they have lunch package and other Tiffin items. The prices are also pocket friendly.  For Mysore chilli dosa and set dosa, I spent about 85 rupees, which is not at all bad. So it would not pinch your wallet. Hope you will enjoy your food over there.

See you later with a new food joint. Till then bye.

Sankar Narayan.

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  1. tamil & english blogs..super set dosai. All the best sir!

  2. Great Start Cable Ji!
    Excellent.. Keep moving!

  3. Good styart Cabile, keep rocking.
    2 things,
    with the help of English Blog your reach will be more.
    In today's Kodambakkam trend, English fluency is a must for a Director.

  4. Dear cable, the way u handle the language is superb and easy to understand which is very important for any blogger which u had already achieved thru the tamil blog. Now it ur turn to smash in English.

    Start rolling and rocking!!!!

    All the very best, Youththththuuuu :)

  5. Nice writing cable.

    I feel the same flow like tamil