Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aandavan Kattalai

            Being Witnessed many well- made Malayalam movies  with 'shoestring' budget in recent times and its expensive & horrible Tamil remakes, watching a Tamil film with similar intensity and cherishing nuances as like Malayalam movies was like a 'day-dream' until watching #Aandavan_kattalai_2016.
This 150 min  feel good entertainer has equal portions of hilarious comedy and fascinating drama within it. From its 80's style of retro title card, Manikandan (director) is very clear about narrating the whole story in the style of 'Koothu' (A diminishing village art form).

- A solid casting. Including leads, every one fits in their role perfectly. Yogi babu dominates the whole first half, Aravindan as Srilankan tamilian was perfect, Pooja could have been used better, Nazzar & Simgampuli's extended cameo was good. SS.Stanley as visa mediator was tailor made.
- Technically fine. Realistic camera angles, Shanmuga sundaram's (Cinematographer) shots were so pleasant. Flawless editing from Anucharan, You wont feel bored at any point. Dramatic shift in scenes are good. 
- Musically Rich. Trappable tunes from K, Bgm was peppy.  Sound design by Arun & Vishnu were too good.
- Good at details. Court room divorce scenes were well executed (Effort of Junior artists in those scenes were appreciable). Fake visa process, Airport vigilance scenes and srilankan tamil peoples current scenario were well explained.
- Well placed Dialogues. Yogi babu's one liners were ultimate, hidden social and political satire dialogues were brilliantly used like, 'போலீஸ் காரனுக்கு சில்லர தேவை படாதே'.

- As the whole movie was dramatic, some portions are not effective. Especially the interval.
- Rithika singh's second half court scene was bit lengthy. Climax is very predictable and tiring ..
- Gandhi's seven lack loan story with his uncle was abruptly left.

           Character 'Gandhi' was just a cakewalk for vijay sethupathy. Rithika singh gets her major screen presence only after one hour, but she steals the show with her cute expressions specially in the climax. Until  post interval scenes, the whole movie was majorly filled with fun elements, but after Rithika's court scene the whole plot takes a serious turn. Director Manikandan had handled those portions brilliantly.
          This is his first movie which runs over 110 min and he completely engages the audience all through the runtime. A well executed flick from him, expecting something new in his next film too. All the best bro.       
Finally  #Andavan_kattalai says, 'Even a big problem may have a tiny solution attached to it, Beware of mediators'.
OVERALL : A well executed Feel-good drama with good humor, a neat and clean family entertainer.
RATING : 3.25 / 5 ......

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


DONT BREATHE  ... Until the end of the show ...

          Hollywood 'Horror' flicks in recent days  dominates regional 'Box office' much, recent examples goes like #Conjuring 2's two week collections are much higher than #Kabali's three weeks long run collection in many single screens. Now, #Dont_Breathe likely takes over its position.

ONELINE : Three thieves, Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan) and Money (Daniel) breaks and trapped into a private property owned by a 'Blind' army man, Later development will make you feel 'stuffy' even you are in a AC hall.

         Holding the brand name of #Evil dead (2013), this 89min flick starts to scare you from its 10th minute and will never leave you to relax until its end. With not much CGI, Fede Alvarez (Director) had given a neat horror flick using much famous 'Old school' method.

        - Continues 'one shot' house interior scene in the beginning and lighting less 'IR' basement portions are the highlights of Pedro Luque's (Cinematographer) excellent camera work.
        - Roque Baños's BGM was subtle. Breathing sound was well used all through the flick, Effects and sound design was top notch.
        - Stephen lang as blind man was perfect. His make over and Luque's lighting for hiim was outstanding. Basement set was good.
        - No breathing space in the whole run time, Eric L. Beason, Louise Ford, & Gardner Gould's (Editors) sharp cuts helps much for Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues's (Writers) visual narration.
       - Alex's death and Rocky's exit from the house towards the climax helps very much to elongate the runtime.
        Apart from minor flaws, Fede Alvarez (Director) gives us a freeze thriller  with water tight screenplay. Write from the money's gun shot, you will never take your eye out of the screen. Horror film lovers will enjoy every moment of it.
OVERALL : A worthy horrific watch of this season, Much horrific than Conjuring 2 and Lights-out.
RATING : 3.75 / 5 ...
                               ................. Santhosh.A.V.K........................


#KUTRAME_THANDANAI ... Well tried!!...
'#Kaaka_muttai kind of 'Soft' phased crisp take on a 'whodunit' Mystery thriller, sums up 'Kutrame thandanai'. Lasting only 99 minutes, this flick is stuffed with enough thriller elements established in a raw and gentle manner.
Establishing every character elements through Hero's perspective eats away the primary 50 min, long side the clear explanation on 'Tunnel vision' is attached by. Though the murder scene was established within primary 20 minutes, its subsequences are planted for final 49 minutes which leads to a middling climax with 'plot turning' twists.
- 'Tunnel vision' and its medical politics were well explained. Also a much detailed take on 'behind the court' activities are appreciable. 
- 'Vidharth' as a city man was refreshing and perfect, his 'tunnel vision' act was superb. Rahman, somasundharam, Pooja also did their level best. Nazar's extended cameo was good.
- Manikandan's cinematography was rich and perfect. Anucharan's (Editor) cuts were perfect. 
- Though first half was slow phased, second half was padded with some interesting sequences.

- Since the whole phase of the movie is soft and slow, none of the twist affects the audience immediately. (Cant say the phase of the movie is perfect for a murder mystery).
- Vidharth - Rahman combo scenes are well established, Vidharth - Aishwarya scenes in the climax goes off soon and doesn't registered well.
- Illayaraja's BGM was good in many places, but disturbing and noisy at some portions that over shades few dialogues. 
- Non-linear climax editing was nice and intelligent, but a normal audience will have no clue that, 'who murdered the girl?'. Could have simplified it little.

Since this movie was signed before 'Kakka muttai', 'Manikandan' succeeds 50% in his first attempt, his 'Soft' take on a murder mystery was applaud able. At the end of the show i was left with a major question,
Through Ravi's (Vidharth) character, did the director encourages ' violence against women'?
#OVERALL : An impressive attempt on a 'murder mystery' thriller, which leaves you with some impact. Don't expect any thing big.
#RATING : 2.5 / 5 ......
............. Santhosh.A.V.K............

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A regular commercial 'Raise of a Local don' tale embedded in a 'whodunit' pattern of screenplay over 140 minutes of moderate run phase, comprises the attempt called 'Kidaari'.
- Using 360 degree camera in a car interior scene was worthy. S.R.Kadhir's (Cinematographer) experimental shots in chasing scenes are really good.
- Sasikumar's performance and few love scenes are energetic and good. Sasikumar's tiny reactions in love scenes had come out well.
- 'Kidaariye' song and following scenes are few good hopes after intermission. BGM and other songs are not up to mark.
- 'Kombaiyya pandiyan' and all other lead characters are well sketched. Rest of the cast did their job well.
On the flip side, Unwanted bunch of characters and too much flashbacks diverts audience from the main plot. Restrictions on those would have resulted a better product.
Apart from review, i have few more question to Mr.Prasath murugesan (Director).
- The whole movie is narrated from the view of Komban's auditor (Kanakkupikkai). Until relieving his original shade, he never stopped praising the character 'Komban' and in final sequence all of the sudden, he reacts like 'Komban na periya komba' kind of mannerism. What kind of character he is? what is the purpose of the character?.
- if 'Kidaari' really loves his father, he should come out of all his gangster activities as his wish (Napoleon mentions that he needs to settle in Kerala by leaving all those activities). But why does he return to the same path in climax too??...
- All through the movie, director showcases the different types of 'Arivaal' and suddenly says 'there is no use of being violent' and in post-climax sequences, he again encourages gangsters. Why this plot should have so much of Contradictions with its own theme??...
Overall, a movie should have a beginning and an end with some purpose (Concept), which carries the movie all through the run time. But i cant find any of these elements in the whole story line. Specifically, there is no purpose for this flick, its better to drop these kind of movies in the discussion table itself.
RATING : 1.75/ 5...
..................... Santhosh.A.V.K..................

Monday, August 22, 2016


DHARMA DURAI ... A Dethatched sequence of a 'Tele serial' ...
           With elongated run time of 147 min, 'Dharmadurai' tried to portray the life of a 'rural doctor' with non-concentric 'Snail-phased' screen narration.

ONLINE : Dharmadurai (VJ Sethupathi), a drunken medical graduate, elopes from his home due to unfavorable surroundings and gets back to his college friends in search of a new beginning.

           As primary 45 minutes goes for elongated character intro's, later arrives a 80's style of tiring flashback portion leads to a forced interval block. Post interval scenes goes aimlessly, ends with a feel good final 20 minutes, terminates with 'abrupt' climax.

-   M.Sukumar's (Cinematographer) aerial shots were  beautiful.
-  Very matured performances from experienced star cast. Specially Radhika, Rajesh and Aruldass.
- Final 20 minutes 'Vj Sethupathi - Thamannah' scenes were impressive.
- Yuvan's intro song was good. His emotional BGM is average.

- What is the need of the character 'Stella'?.  Did she create any impact in the story?. 
- The whole phase of the movie was lethargic and gives you the feel of watching 'Mega serial'. 
- How come 'vijay sethupathy' doesn't notice the huge amount in his own bag until climax?. 
- without any proper period notification, 'Idhayam' style of 80's flashback  were testing  our patience.
- Second flashback with 'Anbu selvi' (Aishwarya) was totally a 'worn out' formula. 
- Why 'Anbu selvi' should commit suicide?, while she had so much confidence on 'Vijay sethupathy'? 
- Except last 20 min, none of the character uses any sort of electronic equipment. Then how come 'Vijay sethupathy' claims himself using 'Face book' and' Watsapp' in front of college watchman?.
- Why the medical college is not working in the present day?. in which college culturals, students were using MGR, Shivaji and Rajini's make over?.

           Despite all these, the only strong element which holds the whole content is 'Vijay sethupathy'. Usually he does his best his final scenes with 'Thamanna' tries to cover all other loop holes till there.

            Though provided with strong technical support and performances, 'Seenu ramasamy' (Director) had failed to utilize these resources in an effective  manner. All of his thoughts about 'Rural service' for doctors deserves a special applause. Misplacement of songs, slow narration, forced scenes and dialogue  were the main spoilers.

RATING : 2.25 / 5 ....

WRAPPING UP : An effective 'Feel good' attempt with more artificiality. Last 20 minutes will satisfy family audiences.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sultan -Review

SULTHAN ... An ordinary raise and fall champion's story ...
                 A rapid mix of Patriotism, child sentiment from 'bajrangi bhaijaan' and Wife sentiment from 'Dabangg' wrapped with regular pattern screenplay for a sports movie results, 'Sulthan'.

This 170 min Commercial sports drama, marks the making and fall of a wrestler 'Sulthan' (Salman) with some 'pulse less' and formality scenes till interval. Though Post interval scenes gives you some hope, Bad song placements and predictable climax pulls the expectation down to the 'Median line', results in an average product.


- Tough 'Sulthan' is a fictional character, learning wrestling within 6 weeks is little too dramatic.

- 'Baby ko bass' in first half and 'Jag ghoomeya' in second half tests our patience. Floor movement try by salman may be an exception :-) ..

- First half scenes looks very formal, Eg, Salman lifting a tractor in front of franchise owner, Hero becoming wrestler for heroin, Salman proposes  Anushka in the wrestling ring ect...

- Non-linier narration in fight scenes are good. but after semi finals collapse, even a child can predict the following sequences.

-Though songs are average, placement was totally bad. Technical analysis of each opponent fighter in second half could have added some more spice to the script.

                     Camera work in action sequences are too good. Phase of the movie is little dragging, editing could have been better. BGM was fine. Action sequences are brilliant, Wrestle trainer needs special mention. Anushka and salman did a splendid job, Casting is more effective. Ali Abbas Zafar could have made the first half little better and crispier, Second half is average.

OVERALL : An Usual template sports movie, Wrapped with commercial ingredients.

RATING : 2.5 / 5 ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


DHILLUKU DHUDDU ... A ineffective scoop on a conventional 'Horror'.
Drafting a Conventional 'horror script', adapted and re-written the same for 'Lollu sabha' fans, Inserting some forced spoof elements for Santhanam's image and delivering it as a 'cat on the wall' product. This summarizes the whole development of 'Dhilluku Dhuddu'.
With quality 'camera work' and rich technical support within the budget, this 135 min movie averages at various department namely Casting, Editing, Screenplay loop holes, BGM and S.S.Thaman's Telugu tunes.
- The whole content doesn't relay on 'Horror spoof' as trailer suggests.
- Love scenes in first half was totally unnecessary.
- Santhanam looks good at 'Fight scenes', but his attitude towards dance and romantic scenes are intolerable, his 'Stubborn dance movement trial' has crossed its validity..
- Trimming away the love portions in first half, extending and detailing out the second half could have been perfect.
- What is the movie of the guy who called the 'Monk' to that bulding.
- After the formal end of the climax, heroin part is just an extension, goodness 'Murugan' inclusion is just a sentimental patch.

"'First half'ல என்ன வேணும்னாலும் காமிச்சிக்கலாம்,Second half நல்லா எடுத்துட்டா மட்டும் போதும்", kind of approach from Rambala (Director).Though he got a good technical support, which even conventional horror movies were lacking behind, below average first half spoils the whole show. 'One liners' and 'Mottai' Rajendiran are the major strength. Few sentimental scenes have really worked well. but, not an impressive debut from him.
OVERALL : A Conventional 'Horror' Flick with forced spoof elements.
RATING : 2.25 / 5 ...

Friday, June 24, 2016


METRO .... A less gripping crime travel.

           This 119 min flick was filled with very fresh story line which highlights the crime side of the Chennai city. Though high on detailing, the whole intensity of the movie was totally diluted by bad performances.

ONELINE : A detailed portray on 'Chain snatching' and the effects of it on Arul's (Shirish) family.

          Apart from senior actors, lead actor's gritty face reactions annoys the audiences. Few areal shots, Bobby simha and last 30 min are the only highlights of the movie, which was over shaded by average technical support, Noisy BGM and pulse less screenplay.

- Unnecessary use of slow motion shots blended with noisy BGM irritates at many places.
- Amature camera angles, aerial shots were good. 
- Not so perfect cuts, whole phase of the movie was dragging.
- Shirish's performance was blender, Sendrayan's try out of a character role is not effective.
- Heroin was totally not needed, Brother character needs a better replacement.
- Flashback portions are so artificial and Peppy-less, Songs were out of the pulse.
- Though the main core of the script is 'Revenge', it was only used at the beginning and the closure.
Conceiving the concept in the right way and exploring it through complex situations, Anand Krishna (Director) had a perfect hit on target by creating awareness about 'Chain snatching'. But, bad acting and average making were the main spoilers of the show. 

OVERALL : Apart from 'Chain snatching' awareness, its a below average watch. 

RATING : 2/5.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vetri Maran - Dhanush - combo VADA CHENNAI Kick's Off

vetrimaran - dhanush combo vada chennai shoots starts today. Most expected film from the fans. Sources says its going to be a triology. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku - Tamil Film Review


              A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters...
Holding a very famous tagline from 'Badsha',  'Enakku innoru per irukku' is thought to be an action comedy, which ended up with a below average product stuffed with some unnecessary and forced spoof elements.

ONELINE :  Hero is wrongly portrayed as a gangster, who has immense love on heroin, struggles a lot to prove his ability in the later part of the movie.

     This 135 min comical gangster flick boots up brightly with interesting title card flashback, followed by some average scenes and ends in an interesting 'INTERVAL block'. 
"Then what about second half??..."

    It totally belongs to some other spoof flick, where 2 to 3 scenes are somewhere related to the first half.

       - Editing in 'Hero intro' church scene was interesting (Joo nu mazha jillunu kaathu..,), Ruben 
(Editor) did a fair job

      - Arial shots and usage of lights were clear and dominant, Krishnan Vasant (Cinematographer) stands high in climax fight scene.

      - Karunas & 'Naan kadavul' rajendran, 'Bahubali' comedies was hilarious. Saravanan, Niirosha & VTV ganesh triangular portion is fine.

     - Hostel scene in first half and G.V.Prakash 'Water current' scene in second half was good.

    - 'Ungalil yaar adutha naaina' portion was pakka,  Yogi babu rocks.


      - இன்னும் எத்தனை காலத்துக்கு தான் பொண்ணுங்கள பழிச்சிட்டும்  , சரக்கு அடிக்குறத 'கவுரவ டாக்டர் பட்டம்' அளவுக்கு புகழ்ந்தும் , படம் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்க போறீங்க??...

     - 'Title card'ல இருந்த கதை கூட, படத்துல இல்லையே பாசு!!...

     - Songs are totally poor and its placements were a big drawback, BGM was noisy.

     - Handling second half little more serious would have lifted Charlie sir's character to next level.

   - Repeated Vijay, ajith reference and forced scoop scenes all through the movie makes us feel lilke watching 'Lollu Sabha', 

   - 'Naan maamanaar munaadiye first night nadathuven da' type of dialogues and 'Church' father scenes are totally degrading the whole content of the movie.

   - How Saravanan gets escaped so easily in interval block?, How come friend character directly appears in climax?. lot of logical loopholes all through the runtime.


             Saravanan, VTV Ganesh & Nirosha did a decent job. Yogi babu, Karunas and rajendiran are effective relief factors. Charlie was wasted in the second half, Anandhi is just a 'Glamour' set property. GV.Prakash is struggling with same set of reactions, improved much in dancing.

         Getting inspired from 'Thennavan' vivek comedy track ,Sam Anton (Director) inserted lot of trending dialogues and visual patch works to entertain youngsters, which automatically dilutes the interest in the main plot.  Choosing either Comedy gangster or Proper spoof would have benefited him better.

OVERALL : A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters, with average first half and 'Lollusabha' second half.

RATING : 1.25 / 5 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Devi (L) Teaser On Jun 17

Prabhu deva studio first production Devi(L) Teaser will be released on Jun 17. Prabhu deva, tammanna, sonu sood starring, Written and directed by A.L. Vijay. produced by Prabhu deva studios in association with Isari ganesh 

AYM Audio Release Teaser

“Thalli pogathe” already rage among the music lovers. Now AYM team are going to release their audio teaser by june16. Hope Rahman is going to rock again All the best to the team

Monday, June 13, 2016

KABALI - Songs Review

KABALI (Songs)

VEERA THURANDHARA - A perfect mix of melody and 'Western' Rap.
               Boots up with the silky chorus and 'Soodhu kavvum' shades of drums. Fancy rap portions are perfectly mixed with Uma devi's (Lyricist) powerful words. Gana bala (Singer) was identically used for this 'Western' style rap song with heavy electrical guitar and trumpet at places. Lawrence & Pradeep (Rappers) did a great job.

VAANAM  PAARTHEN  - Pain of loneliness with heavy 'Illayaraja' hangover.
              Replicating 'Sundari' (Thalapathy) style of violin section and 'Koodai kaala kaatre' (Paneer pushpangal) style of scale changes, this track has a heavy hangover of 'Illayaraja'. Kabilan's (Lyricist) words expresses the pain of loneliness. Pradeep kumar's (Singer) voice with mouth Organ at the end was classy.

MAYA NADHI - Representing love of mid fifties.
             Mild 'lead guitar' and pulsing 'Flute' gives a refreshing start to this track which has addictive high points decorated with Key lyrics 'Maya nadhi indru...'. Rest of the space has a lovely melody rendering of Ananthu & Swetha menon (Singers), Violin and guitar potion in the middle was good. Uma devi's (Lyricist) Words represents the love between fifties couple.

ULAGAM ORUVANUKKA - Not a regular 'Rajini' intro song.
             'Maro Maro' (Boys) style of drum beats all over the track, Kabilan's (Lyricist) words representing the working class people this time. Ananthu,Santhoshnarayanan & Gana bala (Singers) had a mix of both main track and chorus. Whistle portions with 'Kabali' does the trick. A different try, but not a regular 'Rajini' intro song.

NERUPPU DA - A 'Rocker' track of the album.
              Only 'Mass' song in the album. Usage of different tracks of heavy 'Electrical guitars' and powerful rap by Arunraja Kamaraj (Lyricist and singer) are the major highlight. Of course, using Rajini's punch dialogues at the later half of the song does the trick. 'Retro guitar' theme music was outstanding. A 'rocker' track of the album.

              Its hard to digest a 'star studded' album without any big names (Specially, SPB sir's voice). Still, Santhosh Narayanan's (Music composer) choice of young, independent singers and lyricist had benefited him again. He doesn't go much with 'Commercial' tag, three montage Songs (I guess) and the maximum run time of the track was just around four minutes, tells you the importance given to the plot rather than the songs.

OVERALL : An unusual and different mix for a 'Super star' album, exposes more of a classy feel over shading the 'Mass' appeal.

RATING : 3.25 / 5 ...
              ..................... Santhosh.A.V.K........................

Review Team Rating : 2.5/5

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Conjuring 2

THE CONJURING 2 ... Another sure shot 'Conjuring'...
         Prior the below average spinoff 'Annabelle', 'Conjuring' gets its favorite director 'James Wan' on board for its sequel, which has more layer of stories in its own style.

ONE LINE :  After facing lot of challenges during Amityville operation in 1976, Ed and Lorraine (Wilson and Farmiga)comes to know about the similar haunted activities in a UK residence situated in Enfield town. When the plot turns against Ed, rest of the development elaborates you briefly how Ed and Lorraine overcomes their difficult task in their career.

           This 135 min Horrific thriller, has its high voltage horror portions during its last 30 min, rest of the runtime prepare you in the medium phase with comparatively lighter vain thriller scenes with more story portions.

          Switch over between scenes in a single shot was perfect, Don Burges (Cinematographer) lit the whole frame with usual blue tone. Kirk.M.Morri (Editor) could have trimmed off the regular pattern thriller scenes a little. Joseph Bishara (Music) pumps up our heart with his mild tone music. 

         Killer performance from Madison Wolfe, climax portion was ultimate. Frances Ann O'Connor as a poor mother was good. Bonnie Aarons as a female ghost, given with less space and majorly used in climax. Bob Adrian as a old man thrills us to the core.  Wilson and Farmiga did their usual role, where farmiga plays a upper hand.

- What is the result of Amityville residence operation??...
- Who is the main cause for Amityville murders?, is that the group of boys or the 'Demon nun'??..
- If these two was similar cases, then why 'Ed and Lorraine' doesn't apply any of the successful steps from their previous operation??..
- What's the actual motive of 'Demon Nun'?, to kill Peggy Hodgson's family through the old guy or to kill Ed??...
- What leads the 'Demon nun' to turn against Ed personally??...
- Why the old man is under that 'Demon Nun'?, If that Nun is the ruler of all 'Bad forces' (Saithan) then why cant she do it herself?, why she needs an assistance everywhere?..
 (NOTE : I never seen any one asking these questions. If this was a regional movie, everyone would have lost their mind. Hope i get answers for all these in next movie)
         With strong visual intensity, James wan (Director) have refreshed the series with his multi-layer story telling. Final 30 minutes was out of the world, Could have reduced another 10 min to avoid the cliché normal pattern horror scenes in the middle.

WRAPPING UP : Another sure shot 'Conjuring' with medium phased screenplay and high voltage climax with few flaws. Rx, with proper prescription :-)

RATING : 3.5 / 5
                                 ............ Santhosh.A.V.K.............

Friday, June 10, 2016

Oru Naal Koothu- Film Review

ORU NAAL KOOTHU ... A non-linear junction of tragic events.

          Replicating the pain of extended bachelor life of current youngsters, 'Oru naal koothu' had a very strong non-liner story line leads to an unexpected/unwanted/forced climax.
ONELINE : Dinesh (Raj), Nivedha (Kavya), Mia george (Lakshmi), Rythvika (Susheela) & Ramesh thilak (Sathish) are the five different youngsters from different backdrop, marital game between these youngsters forms the whole plot.

          This 134 min romantic drama is very well presented with strong characters and complicated emotional scenes between them, but shocking and half baked twists towards the climax will give you the sense of incompleteness at the end of the show.


         Interesting close-ups, Gokul (Cinematographer) is very good at strong visual narration. Complex but effective cuts from V J Sabu Joseph (Editor). 'Adiye Adiye' was top class, sensible BGM blended with Pleasant sounds, Justin prabakararn (Music composer) treated the highpoints well.

Poured with matured performances, Ramesh thilak and charie did their job well. Nivetha and Mia george were terrific, Riythvika's character was good. Balasaravanan and karunakaran were the refreshing factors, Total change over by Dinesh was good, but gritty looking face is still a worry (இடுப்பு வளையலனா பரவால, இவருக்கு முகமே வளையமாட்டேங்குதே!!..)

- No proper explanation for Lakshmi's father character and his activities.
- Non-centric screenplay at many places, due to more sub-plots.
- Why Raj and Kavya's relationship should have so much of unnecessary complications??..
- If kavya is not in the status to accept raj, then y she should she spend her romantic evening with him    before her wedding??...
- Susheela's character change towards the climax, totally looses her dignity, ends pointless.
-What kind of blind faith lakshmi had with her father??.
-From no here, how come Sathish suddenly appears in Kavya's wedding??..
- What's the point of having this tragic end with unnecessary end title video??...

- Visual narration with simple and strong dialogues.
-Perfect reflection of a RJ's mindsets and On air scenes between them.
-Intimate scenes between Raj and Kavya.
-Detailed reactions and body language during family sequences.
- Impressive plot high points and many non-linear sequences.
"நீ செத்ததுக்கு அப்பறம் யாரும் உனக்கு இங்க சிலை வெக்க போறது இல்ல, உனக்கு பிடிச்சத செய்"

Thanks to Shankar dass & Nelson (Writers) for simple and powerful dialogues. Nelson (Director) tried to portray a youthful drama with reflections of reality, but failed miserably due to pointless and weak scenes towards climax. He got all the space in the world to create a happy ending, but he opted the alternate which messed up the whole run time.

OVERALL : A non-linear junction of tragic events, falls short due to half baked and weak climax...

RATING : 2.5 / 5 ...
                    .............. Santhosh.A.V.K.....................
P.S. Nachchu comment : "மாமா!!.. தியேட்டர்ல மொத்த டிக்கெட்டையும் நீயே வாங்கிட்டியா??, உள்ள ஒருத்தனையும் காணோம்??.."

 .............. Santhosh.A.V.K.....................