Tuesday, September 6, 2016


#KUTRAME_THANDANAI ... Well tried!!...
'#Kaaka_muttai kind of 'Soft' phased crisp take on a 'whodunit' Mystery thriller, sums up 'Kutrame thandanai'. Lasting only 99 minutes, this flick is stuffed with enough thriller elements established in a raw and gentle manner.
Establishing every character elements through Hero's perspective eats away the primary 50 min, long side the clear explanation on 'Tunnel vision' is attached by. Though the murder scene was established within primary 20 minutes, its subsequences are planted for final 49 minutes which leads to a middling climax with 'plot turning' twists.
- 'Tunnel vision' and its medical politics were well explained. Also a much detailed take on 'behind the court' activities are appreciable. 
- 'Vidharth' as a city man was refreshing and perfect, his 'tunnel vision' act was superb. Rahman, somasundharam, Pooja also did their level best. Nazar's extended cameo was good.
- Manikandan's cinematography was rich and perfect. Anucharan's (Editor) cuts were perfect. 
- Though first half was slow phased, second half was padded with some interesting sequences.

- Since the whole phase of the movie is soft and slow, none of the twist affects the audience immediately. (Cant say the phase of the movie is perfect for a murder mystery).
- Vidharth - Rahman combo scenes are well established, Vidharth - Aishwarya scenes in the climax goes off soon and doesn't registered well.
- Illayaraja's BGM was good in many places, but disturbing and noisy at some portions that over shades few dialogues. 
- Non-linear climax editing was nice and intelligent, but a normal audience will have no clue that, 'who murdered the girl?'. Could have simplified it little.

Since this movie was signed before 'Kakka muttai', 'Manikandan' succeeds 50% in his first attempt, his 'Soft' take on a murder mystery was applaud able. At the end of the show i was left with a major question,
Through Ravi's (Vidharth) character, did the director encourages ' violence against women'?
#OVERALL : An impressive attempt on a 'murder mystery' thriller, which leaves you with some impact. Don't expect any thing big.
#RATING : 2.5 / 5 ......
............. Santhosh.A.V.K............

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