Sunday, June 12, 2016

Conjuring 2

THE CONJURING 2 ... Another sure shot 'Conjuring'...
         Prior the below average spinoff 'Annabelle', 'Conjuring' gets its favorite director 'James Wan' on board for its sequel, which has more layer of stories in its own style.

ONE LINE :  After facing lot of challenges during Amityville operation in 1976, Ed and Lorraine (Wilson and Farmiga)comes to know about the similar haunted activities in a UK residence situated in Enfield town. When the plot turns against Ed, rest of the development elaborates you briefly how Ed and Lorraine overcomes their difficult task in their career.

           This 135 min Horrific thriller, has its high voltage horror portions during its last 30 min, rest of the runtime prepare you in the medium phase with comparatively lighter vain thriller scenes with more story portions.

          Switch over between scenes in a single shot was perfect, Don Burges (Cinematographer) lit the whole frame with usual blue tone. Kirk.M.Morri (Editor) could have trimmed off the regular pattern thriller scenes a little. Joseph Bishara (Music) pumps up our heart with his mild tone music. 

         Killer performance from Madison Wolfe, climax portion was ultimate. Frances Ann O'Connor as a poor mother was good. Bonnie Aarons as a female ghost, given with less space and majorly used in climax. Bob Adrian as a old man thrills us to the core.  Wilson and Farmiga did their usual role, where farmiga plays a upper hand.

- What is the result of Amityville residence operation??...
- Who is the main cause for Amityville murders?, is that the group of boys or the 'Demon nun'??..
- If these two was similar cases, then why 'Ed and Lorraine' doesn't apply any of the successful steps from their previous operation??..
- What's the actual motive of 'Demon Nun'?, to kill Peggy Hodgson's family through the old guy or to kill Ed??...
- What leads the 'Demon nun' to turn against Ed personally??...
- Why the old man is under that 'Demon Nun'?, If that Nun is the ruler of all 'Bad forces' (Saithan) then why cant she do it herself?, why she needs an assistance everywhere?..
 (NOTE : I never seen any one asking these questions. If this was a regional movie, everyone would have lost their mind. Hope i get answers for all these in next movie)
         With strong visual intensity, James wan (Director) have refreshed the series with his multi-layer story telling. Final 30 minutes was out of the world, Could have reduced another 10 min to avoid the cliché normal pattern horror scenes in the middle.

WRAPPING UP : Another sure shot 'Conjuring' with medium phased screenplay and high voltage climax with few flaws. Rx, with proper prescription :-)

RATING : 3.5 / 5
                                 ............ Santhosh.A.V.K.............

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