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Enakku Innoru Per Irukku - Tamil Film Review


              A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters...
Holding a very famous tagline from 'Badsha',  'Enakku innoru per irukku' is thought to be an action comedy, which ended up with a below average product stuffed with some unnecessary and forced spoof elements.

ONELINE :  Hero is wrongly portrayed as a gangster, who has immense love on heroin, struggles a lot to prove his ability in the later part of the movie.

     This 135 min comical gangster flick boots up brightly with interesting title card flashback, followed by some average scenes and ends in an interesting 'INTERVAL block'. 
"Then what about second half??..."

    It totally belongs to some other spoof flick, where 2 to 3 scenes are somewhere related to the first half.

       - Editing in 'Hero intro' church scene was interesting (Joo nu mazha jillunu kaathu..,), Ruben 
(Editor) did a fair job

      - Arial shots and usage of lights were clear and dominant, Krishnan Vasant (Cinematographer) stands high in climax fight scene.

      - Karunas & 'Naan kadavul' rajendran, 'Bahubali' comedies was hilarious. Saravanan, Niirosha & VTV ganesh triangular portion is fine.

     - Hostel scene in first half and G.V.Prakash 'Water current' scene in second half was good.

    - 'Ungalil yaar adutha naaina' portion was pakka,  Yogi babu rocks.


      - இன்னும் எத்தனை காலத்துக்கு தான் பொண்ணுங்கள பழிச்சிட்டும்  , சரக்கு அடிக்குறத 'கவுரவ டாக்டர் பட்டம்' அளவுக்கு புகழ்ந்தும் , படம் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்க போறீங்க??...

     - 'Title card'ல இருந்த கதை கூட, படத்துல இல்லையே பாசு!!...

     - Songs are totally poor and its placements were a big drawback, BGM was noisy.

     - Handling second half little more serious would have lifted Charlie sir's character to next level.

   - Repeated Vijay, ajith reference and forced scoop scenes all through the movie makes us feel lilke watching 'Lollu Sabha', 

   - 'Naan maamanaar munaadiye first night nadathuven da' type of dialogues and 'Church' father scenes are totally degrading the whole content of the movie.

   - How Saravanan gets escaped so easily in interval block?, How come friend character directly appears in climax?. lot of logical loopholes all through the runtime.


             Saravanan, VTV Ganesh & Nirosha did a decent job. Yogi babu, Karunas and rajendiran are effective relief factors. Charlie was wasted in the second half, Anandhi is just a 'Glamour' set property. GV.Prakash is struggling with same set of reactions, improved much in dancing.

         Getting inspired from 'Thennavan' vivek comedy track ,Sam Anton (Director) inserted lot of trending dialogues and visual patch works to entertain youngsters, which automatically dilutes the interest in the main plot.  Choosing either Comedy gangster or Proper spoof would have benefited him better.

OVERALL : A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters, with average first half and 'Lollusabha' second half.

RATING : 1.25 / 5 


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