Friday, June 24, 2016


METRO .... A less gripping crime travel.

           This 119 min flick was filled with very fresh story line which highlights the crime side of the Chennai city. Though high on detailing, the whole intensity of the movie was totally diluted by bad performances.

ONELINE : A detailed portray on 'Chain snatching' and the effects of it on Arul's (Shirish) family.

          Apart from senior actors, lead actor's gritty face reactions annoys the audiences. Few areal shots, Bobby simha and last 30 min are the only highlights of the movie, which was over shaded by average technical support, Noisy BGM and pulse less screenplay.

- Unnecessary use of slow motion shots blended with noisy BGM irritates at many places.
- Amature camera angles, aerial shots were good. 
- Not so perfect cuts, whole phase of the movie was dragging.
- Shirish's performance was blender, Sendrayan's try out of a character role is not effective.
- Heroin was totally not needed, Brother character needs a better replacement.
- Flashback portions are so artificial and Peppy-less, Songs were out of the pulse.
- Though the main core of the script is 'Revenge', it was only used at the beginning and the closure.
Conceiving the concept in the right way and exploring it through complex situations, Anand Krishna (Director) had a perfect hit on target by creating awareness about 'Chain snatching'. But, bad acting and average making were the main spoilers of the show. 

OVERALL : Apart from 'Chain snatching' awareness, its a below average watch. 

RATING : 2/5.


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