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KABALI - Songs Review

KABALI (Songs)

VEERA THURANDHARA - A perfect mix of melody and 'Western' Rap.
               Boots up with the silky chorus and 'Soodhu kavvum' shades of drums. Fancy rap portions are perfectly mixed with Uma devi's (Lyricist) powerful words. Gana bala (Singer) was identically used for this 'Western' style rap song with heavy electrical guitar and trumpet at places. Lawrence & Pradeep (Rappers) did a great job.

VAANAM  PAARTHEN  - Pain of loneliness with heavy 'Illayaraja' hangover.
              Replicating 'Sundari' (Thalapathy) style of violin section and 'Koodai kaala kaatre' (Paneer pushpangal) style of scale changes, this track has a heavy hangover of 'Illayaraja'. Kabilan's (Lyricist) words expresses the pain of loneliness. Pradeep kumar's (Singer) voice with mouth Organ at the end was classy.

MAYA NADHI - Representing love of mid fifties.
             Mild 'lead guitar' and pulsing 'Flute' gives a refreshing start to this track which has addictive high points decorated with Key lyrics 'Maya nadhi indru...'. Rest of the space has a lovely melody rendering of Ananthu & Swetha menon (Singers), Violin and guitar potion in the middle was good. Uma devi's (Lyricist) Words represents the love between fifties couple.

ULAGAM ORUVANUKKA - Not a regular 'Rajini' intro song.
             'Maro Maro' (Boys) style of drum beats all over the track, Kabilan's (Lyricist) words representing the working class people this time. Ananthu,Santhoshnarayanan & Gana bala (Singers) had a mix of both main track and chorus. Whistle portions with 'Kabali' does the trick. A different try, but not a regular 'Rajini' intro song.

NERUPPU DA - A 'Rocker' track of the album.
              Only 'Mass' song in the album. Usage of different tracks of heavy 'Electrical guitars' and powerful rap by Arunraja Kamaraj (Lyricist and singer) are the major highlight. Of course, using Rajini's punch dialogues at the later half of the song does the trick. 'Retro guitar' theme music was outstanding. A 'rocker' track of the album.

              Its hard to digest a 'star studded' album without any big names (Specially, SPB sir's voice). Still, Santhosh Narayanan's (Music composer) choice of young, independent singers and lyricist had benefited him again. He doesn't go much with 'Commercial' tag, three montage Songs (I guess) and the maximum run time of the track was just around four minutes, tells you the importance given to the plot rather than the songs.

OVERALL : An unusual and different mix for a 'Super star' album, exposes more of a classy feel over shading the 'Mass' appeal.

RATING : 3.25 / 5 ...
              ..................... Santhosh.A.V.K........................

Review Team Rating : 2.5/5

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