Monday, August 22, 2016


DHARMA DURAI ... A Dethatched sequence of a 'Tele serial' ...
           With elongated run time of 147 min, 'Dharmadurai' tried to portray the life of a 'rural doctor' with non-concentric 'Snail-phased' screen narration.

ONLINE : Dharmadurai (VJ Sethupathi), a drunken medical graduate, elopes from his home due to unfavorable surroundings and gets back to his college friends in search of a new beginning.

           As primary 45 minutes goes for elongated character intro's, later arrives a 80's style of tiring flashback portion leads to a forced interval block. Post interval scenes goes aimlessly, ends with a feel good final 20 minutes, terminates with 'abrupt' climax.

-   M.Sukumar's (Cinematographer) aerial shots were  beautiful.
-  Very matured performances from experienced star cast. Specially Radhika, Rajesh and Aruldass.
- Final 20 minutes 'Vj Sethupathi - Thamannah' scenes were impressive.
- Yuvan's intro song was good. His emotional BGM is average.

- What is the need of the character 'Stella'?.  Did she create any impact in the story?. 
- The whole phase of the movie was lethargic and gives you the feel of watching 'Mega serial'. 
- How come 'vijay sethupathy' doesn't notice the huge amount in his own bag until climax?. 
- without any proper period notification, 'Idhayam' style of 80's flashback  were testing  our patience.
- Second flashback with 'Anbu selvi' (Aishwarya) was totally a 'worn out' formula. 
- Why 'Anbu selvi' should commit suicide?, while she had so much confidence on 'Vijay sethupathy'? 
- Except last 20 min, none of the character uses any sort of electronic equipment. Then how come 'Vijay sethupathy' claims himself using 'Face book' and' Watsapp' in front of college watchman?.
- Why the medical college is not working in the present day?. in which college culturals, students were using MGR, Shivaji and Rajini's make over?.

           Despite all these, the only strong element which holds the whole content is 'Vijay sethupathy'. Usually he does his best his final scenes with 'Thamanna' tries to cover all other loop holes till there.

            Though provided with strong technical support and performances, 'Seenu ramasamy' (Director) had failed to utilize these resources in an effective  manner. All of his thoughts about 'Rural service' for doctors deserves a special applause. Misplacement of songs, slow narration, forced scenes and dialogue  were the main spoilers.

RATING : 2.25 / 5 ....

WRAPPING UP : An effective 'Feel good' attempt with more artificiality. Last 20 minutes will satisfy family audiences.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sultan -Review

SULTHAN ... An ordinary raise and fall champion's story ...
                 A rapid mix of Patriotism, child sentiment from 'bajrangi bhaijaan' and Wife sentiment from 'Dabangg' wrapped with regular pattern screenplay for a sports movie results, 'Sulthan'.

This 170 min Commercial sports drama, marks the making and fall of a wrestler 'Sulthan' (Salman) with some 'pulse less' and formality scenes till interval. Though Post interval scenes gives you some hope, Bad song placements and predictable climax pulls the expectation down to the 'Median line', results in an average product.


- Tough 'Sulthan' is a fictional character, learning wrestling within 6 weeks is little too dramatic.

- 'Baby ko bass' in first half and 'Jag ghoomeya' in second half tests our patience. Floor movement try by salman may be an exception :-) ..

- First half scenes looks very formal, Eg, Salman lifting a tractor in front of franchise owner, Hero becoming wrestler for heroin, Salman proposes  Anushka in the wrestling ring ect...

- Non-linier narration in fight scenes are good. but after semi finals collapse, even a child can predict the following sequences.

-Though songs are average, placement was totally bad. Technical analysis of each opponent fighter in second half could have added some more spice to the script.

                     Camera work in action sequences are too good. Phase of the movie is little dragging, editing could have been better. BGM was fine. Action sequences are brilliant, Wrestle trainer needs special mention. Anushka and salman did a splendid job, Casting is more effective. Ali Abbas Zafar could have made the first half little better and crispier, Second half is average.

OVERALL : An Usual template sports movie, Wrapped with commercial ingredients.

RATING : 2.5 / 5 ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


DHILLUKU DHUDDU ... A ineffective scoop on a conventional 'Horror'.
Drafting a Conventional 'horror script', adapted and re-written the same for 'Lollu sabha' fans, Inserting some forced spoof elements for Santhanam's image and delivering it as a 'cat on the wall' product. This summarizes the whole development of 'Dhilluku Dhuddu'.
With quality 'camera work' and rich technical support within the budget, this 135 min movie averages at various department namely Casting, Editing, Screenplay loop holes, BGM and S.S.Thaman's Telugu tunes.
- The whole content doesn't relay on 'Horror spoof' as trailer suggests.
- Love scenes in first half was totally unnecessary.
- Santhanam looks good at 'Fight scenes', but his attitude towards dance and romantic scenes are intolerable, his 'Stubborn dance movement trial' has crossed its validity..
- Trimming away the love portions in first half, extending and detailing out the second half could have been perfect.
- What is the movie of the guy who called the 'Monk' to that bulding.
- After the formal end of the climax, heroin part is just an extension, goodness 'Murugan' inclusion is just a sentimental patch.

"'First half'ல என்ன வேணும்னாலும் காமிச்சிக்கலாம்,Second half நல்லா எடுத்துட்டா மட்டும் போதும்", kind of approach from Rambala (Director).Though he got a good technical support, which even conventional horror movies were lacking behind, below average first half spoils the whole show. 'One liners' and 'Mottai' Rajendiran are the major strength. Few sentimental scenes have really worked well. but, not an impressive debut from him.
OVERALL : A Conventional 'Horror' Flick with forced spoof elements.
RATING : 2.25 / 5 ...

Friday, June 24, 2016


METRO .... A less gripping crime travel.

           This 119 min flick was filled with very fresh story line which highlights the crime side of the Chennai city. Though high on detailing, the whole intensity of the movie was totally diluted by bad performances.

ONELINE : A detailed portray on 'Chain snatching' and the effects of it on Arul's (Shirish) family.

          Apart from senior actors, lead actor's gritty face reactions annoys the audiences. Few areal shots, Bobby simha and last 30 min are the only highlights of the movie, which was over shaded by average technical support, Noisy BGM and pulse less screenplay.

- Unnecessary use of slow motion shots blended with noisy BGM irritates at many places.
- Amature camera angles, aerial shots were good. 
- Not so perfect cuts, whole phase of the movie was dragging.
- Shirish's performance was blender, Sendrayan's try out of a character role is not effective.
- Heroin was totally not needed, Brother character needs a better replacement.
- Flashback portions are so artificial and Peppy-less, Songs were out of the pulse.
- Though the main core of the script is 'Revenge', it was only used at the beginning and the closure.
Conceiving the concept in the right way and exploring it through complex situations, Anand Krishna (Director) had a perfect hit on target by creating awareness about 'Chain snatching'. But, bad acting and average making were the main spoilers of the show. 

OVERALL : Apart from 'Chain snatching' awareness, its a below average watch. 

RATING : 2/5.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vetri Maran - Dhanush - combo VADA CHENNAI Kick's Off

vetrimaran - dhanush combo vada chennai shoots starts today. Most expected film from the fans. Sources says its going to be a triology. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku - Tamil Film Review


              A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters...
Holding a very famous tagline from 'Badsha',  'Enakku innoru per irukku' is thought to be an action comedy, which ended up with a below average product stuffed with some unnecessary and forced spoof elements.

ONELINE :  Hero is wrongly portrayed as a gangster, who has immense love on heroin, struggles a lot to prove his ability in the later part of the movie.

     This 135 min comical gangster flick boots up brightly with interesting title card flashback, followed by some average scenes and ends in an interesting 'INTERVAL block'. 
"Then what about second half??..."

    It totally belongs to some other spoof flick, where 2 to 3 scenes are somewhere related to the first half.

       - Editing in 'Hero intro' church scene was interesting (Joo nu mazha jillunu kaathu..,), Ruben 
(Editor) did a fair job

      - Arial shots and usage of lights were clear and dominant, Krishnan Vasant (Cinematographer) stands high in climax fight scene.

      - Karunas & 'Naan kadavul' rajendran, 'Bahubali' comedies was hilarious. Saravanan, Niirosha & VTV ganesh triangular portion is fine.

     - Hostel scene in first half and G.V.Prakash 'Water current' scene in second half was good.

    - 'Ungalil yaar adutha naaina' portion was pakka,  Yogi babu rocks.


      - இன்னும் எத்தனை காலத்துக்கு தான் பொண்ணுங்கள பழிச்சிட்டும்  , சரக்கு அடிக்குறத 'கவுரவ டாக்டர் பட்டம்' அளவுக்கு புகழ்ந்தும் , படம் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்க போறீங்க??...

     - 'Title card'ல இருந்த கதை கூட, படத்துல இல்லையே பாசு!!...

     - Songs are totally poor and its placements were a big drawback, BGM was noisy.

     - Handling second half little more serious would have lifted Charlie sir's character to next level.

   - Repeated Vijay, ajith reference and forced scoop scenes all through the movie makes us feel lilke watching 'Lollu Sabha', 

   - 'Naan maamanaar munaadiye first night nadathuven da' type of dialogues and 'Church' father scenes are totally degrading the whole content of the movie.

   - How Saravanan gets escaped so easily in interval block?, How come friend character directly appears in climax?. lot of logical loopholes all through the runtime.


             Saravanan, VTV Ganesh & Nirosha did a decent job. Yogi babu, Karunas and rajendiran are effective relief factors. Charlie was wasted in the second half, Anandhi is just a 'Glamour' set property. GV.Prakash is struggling with same set of reactions, improved much in dancing.

         Getting inspired from 'Thennavan' vivek comedy track ,Sam Anton (Director) inserted lot of trending dialogues and visual patch works to entertain youngsters, which automatically dilutes the interest in the main plot.  Choosing either Comedy gangster or Proper spoof would have benefited him better.

OVERALL : A baseless comedy spoof targeting youngsters, with average first half and 'Lollusabha' second half.

RATING : 1.25 / 5 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Devi (L) Teaser On Jun 17

Prabhu deva studio first production Devi(L) Teaser will be released on Jun 17. Prabhu deva, tammanna, sonu sood starring, Written and directed by A.L. Vijay. produced by Prabhu deva studios in association with Isari ganesh