Friday, June 10, 2016

Oru Naal Koothu- Film Review

ORU NAAL KOOTHU ... A non-linear junction of tragic events.

          Replicating the pain of extended bachelor life of current youngsters, 'Oru naal koothu' had a very strong non-liner story line leads to an unexpected/unwanted/forced climax.
ONELINE : Dinesh (Raj), Nivedha (Kavya), Mia george (Lakshmi), Rythvika (Susheela) & Ramesh thilak (Sathish) are the five different youngsters from different backdrop, marital game between these youngsters forms the whole plot.

          This 134 min romantic drama is very well presented with strong characters and complicated emotional scenes between them, but shocking and half baked twists towards the climax will give you the sense of incompleteness at the end of the show.


         Interesting close-ups, Gokul (Cinematographer) is very good at strong visual narration. Complex but effective cuts from V J Sabu Joseph (Editor). 'Adiye Adiye' was top class, sensible BGM blended with Pleasant sounds, Justin prabakararn (Music composer) treated the highpoints well.

Poured with matured performances, Ramesh thilak and charie did their job well. Nivetha and Mia george were terrific, Riythvika's character was good. Balasaravanan and karunakaran were the refreshing factors, Total change over by Dinesh was good, but gritty looking face is still a worry (இடுப்பு வளையலனா பரவால, இவருக்கு முகமே வளையமாட்டேங்குதே!!..)

- No proper explanation for Lakshmi's father character and his activities.
- Non-centric screenplay at many places, due to more sub-plots.
- Why Raj and Kavya's relationship should have so much of unnecessary complications??..
- If kavya is not in the status to accept raj, then y she should she spend her romantic evening with him    before her wedding??...
- Susheela's character change towards the climax, totally looses her dignity, ends pointless.
-What kind of blind faith lakshmi had with her father??.
-From no here, how come Sathish suddenly appears in Kavya's wedding??..
- What's the point of having this tragic end with unnecessary end title video??...

- Visual narration with simple and strong dialogues.
-Perfect reflection of a RJ's mindsets and On air scenes between them.
-Intimate scenes between Raj and Kavya.
-Detailed reactions and body language during family sequences.
- Impressive plot high points and many non-linear sequences.
"நீ செத்ததுக்கு அப்பறம் யாரும் உனக்கு இங்க சிலை வெக்க போறது இல்ல, உனக்கு பிடிச்சத செய்"

Thanks to Shankar dass & Nelson (Writers) for simple and powerful dialogues. Nelson (Director) tried to portray a youthful drama with reflections of reality, but failed miserably due to pointless and weak scenes towards climax. He got all the space in the world to create a happy ending, but he opted the alternate which messed up the whole run time.

OVERALL : A non-linear junction of tragic events, falls short due to half baked and weak climax...

RATING : 2.5 / 5 ...
                    .............. Santhosh.A.V.K.....................
P.S. Nachchu comment : "மாமா!!.. தியேட்டர்ல மொத்த டிக்கெட்டையும் நீயே வாங்கிட்டியா??, உள்ள ஒருத்தனையும் காணோம்??.."

 .............. Santhosh.A.V.K.....................

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