Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aandavan Kattalai

            Being Witnessed many well- made Malayalam movies  with 'shoestring' budget in recent times and its expensive & horrible Tamil remakes, watching a Tamil film with similar intensity and cherishing nuances as like Malayalam movies was like a 'day-dream' until watching #Aandavan_kattalai_2016.
This 150 min  feel good entertainer has equal portions of hilarious comedy and fascinating drama within it. From its 80's style of retro title card, Manikandan (director) is very clear about narrating the whole story in the style of 'Koothu' (A diminishing village art form).

- A solid casting. Including leads, every one fits in their role perfectly. Yogi babu dominates the whole first half, Aravindan as Srilankan tamilian was perfect, Pooja could have been used better, Nazzar & Simgampuli's extended cameo was good. SS.Stanley as visa mediator was tailor made.
- Technically fine. Realistic camera angles, Shanmuga sundaram's (Cinematographer) shots were so pleasant. Flawless editing from Anucharan, You wont feel bored at any point. Dramatic shift in scenes are good. 
- Musically Rich. Trappable tunes from K, Bgm was peppy.  Sound design by Arun & Vishnu were too good.
- Good at details. Court room divorce scenes were well executed (Effort of Junior artists in those scenes were appreciable). Fake visa process, Airport vigilance scenes and srilankan tamil peoples current scenario were well explained.
- Well placed Dialogues. Yogi babu's one liners were ultimate, hidden social and political satire dialogues were brilliantly used like, 'போலீஸ் காரனுக்கு சில்லர தேவை படாதே'.

- As the whole movie was dramatic, some portions are not effective. Especially the interval.
- Rithika singh's second half court scene was bit lengthy. Climax is very predictable and tiring ..
- Gandhi's seven lack loan story with his uncle was abruptly left.

           Character 'Gandhi' was just a cakewalk for vijay sethupathy. Rithika singh gets her major screen presence only after one hour, but she steals the show with her cute expressions specially in the climax. Until  post interval scenes, the whole movie was majorly filled with fun elements, but after Rithika's court scene the whole plot takes a serious turn. Director Manikandan had handled those portions brilliantly.
          This is his first movie which runs over 110 min and he completely engages the audience all through the runtime. A well executed flick from him, expecting something new in his next film too. All the best bro.       
Finally  #Andavan_kattalai says, 'Even a big problem may have a tiny solution attached to it, Beware of mediators'.
OVERALL : A well executed Feel-good drama with good humor, a neat and clean family entertainer.
RATING : 3.25 / 5 ......

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