Monday, August 22, 2016


DHARMA DURAI ... A Dethatched sequence of a 'Tele serial' ...
           With elongated run time of 147 min, 'Dharmadurai' tried to portray the life of a 'rural doctor' with non-concentric 'Snail-phased' screen narration.

ONLINE : Dharmadurai (VJ Sethupathi), a drunken medical graduate, elopes from his home due to unfavorable surroundings and gets back to his college friends in search of a new beginning.

           As primary 45 minutes goes for elongated character intro's, later arrives a 80's style of tiring flashback portion leads to a forced interval block. Post interval scenes goes aimlessly, ends with a feel good final 20 minutes, terminates with 'abrupt' climax.

-   M.Sukumar's (Cinematographer) aerial shots were  beautiful.
-  Very matured performances from experienced star cast. Specially Radhika, Rajesh and Aruldass.
- Final 20 minutes 'Vj Sethupathi - Thamannah' scenes were impressive.
- Yuvan's intro song was good. His emotional BGM is average.

- What is the need of the character 'Stella'?.  Did she create any impact in the story?. 
- The whole phase of the movie was lethargic and gives you the feel of watching 'Mega serial'. 
- How come 'vijay sethupathy' doesn't notice the huge amount in his own bag until climax?. 
- without any proper period notification, 'Idhayam' style of 80's flashback  were testing  our patience.
- Second flashback with 'Anbu selvi' (Aishwarya) was totally a 'worn out' formula. 
- Why 'Anbu selvi' should commit suicide?, while she had so much confidence on 'Vijay sethupathy'? 
- Except last 20 min, none of the character uses any sort of electronic equipment. Then how come 'Vijay sethupathy' claims himself using 'Face book' and' Watsapp' in front of college watchman?.
- Why the medical college is not working in the present day?. in which college culturals, students were using MGR, Shivaji and Rajini's make over?.

           Despite all these, the only strong element which holds the whole content is 'Vijay sethupathy'. Usually he does his best his final scenes with 'Thamanna' tries to cover all other loop holes till there.

            Though provided with strong technical support and performances, 'Seenu ramasamy' (Director) had failed to utilize these resources in an effective  manner. All of his thoughts about 'Rural service' for doctors deserves a special applause. Misplacement of songs, slow narration, forced scenes and dialogue  were the main spoilers.

RATING : 2.25 / 5 ....

WRAPPING UP : An effective 'Feel good' attempt with more artificiality. Last 20 minutes will satisfy family audiences.

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