Friday, October 14, 2011

Audio And Video Podcasting In Udanz

Hi friends, you all know about our new tamil blog aggregator  very well. Now we launch our new sub domain Through this site we've started showing our friends tamil shortfilm, and planning to show our fellow bloggers meet, twiter, buzzers meet and discussions and fuction through this site. I want to do something different. so i decided to post a video blog. yes.. though it is already in the market, due to internet connectivety, speed video blogging, video editing facilities people are not familier with this concept.

Now all are having high quality mobile phones, digital cameras. so we can easily shoot our own and upload it in any video format. i've done the video blogging. this time.  and posted in our friends please do visit and give your reviews about the video blogging..
thank you.

Sankar Narayan @ Cable sankar

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